Automatic Self Cleaning filter

Nova Innovation develops and produces automatic backflushing filters particularly suitable for treatment of water and emulsions, and are a result of years of experience and development.Typical characteristics:

  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Large filter area and high capacity
  • Simple and robust design for safe operation -Highly efficient back-flushing system
  • Low consumption of back-flushing fluid
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low operational cost
  • Long operational life

Filtration is performed in a series of bipolar slot elements with opening in both ends.

Flushing of the filters are performed as a function of differential pressure or on a preset timer depending on the degree of contamination. The particles is removed without interruption of the filtration process.

Manual Filter and Strainers

Nova Innovation delivers manual filter applications for fluid and gas, covering standard as well as custom-made solutions. Nova Innovation delivers manual filter applications for fluid and gas, covering standard as well as custom-made solutions.


• Single and duplex filters Bath-tub strainers

• Y-strainers

• Tophat strainersAll our filters may be delivered with tailor-made solutions for orientation/ placing of nozzles, quick-release of top, skid, valves and instruments.


Our manual filters and strainers are delivered with different type of filter internals depending on application, rating and media. Perforated plate is used for simple filtration needs.

May be delivered with or without wire mesh, with openings from 10 micron – 10 mm.Wedge wire for accurate filter demands where there are advanced re-quirements to reliability and type of material. Slot openings from 20-2000 micron. Cartridge elements for finer filtration demands (from 0.5-50 micron).

Other Applications

Fuel Gas Treatment

We deliver single units and complete packages for filtration and fluid/gas separation.

A complete delivery may include:

  • Scrubber
  • Heater
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Filters
  • Valves and instrumentation Electrical cabinetIndividual solutions will be designed and optimalized in co-operation with customer.


Separator/ Coalescer

Nova Innovation develops and fabricates separation applica-tions for both the offshore– and industry market, mainly for oil/water and diesel/water separation.


Storage Vessels

Nova Innovation designs and fabricates special designed storage vessels, containers and pressure vessels.

These tanks are the right choice when there are requirements to placement, size, pressure, corrosion or documentation of the vessel.


We do perform engineering/ construction services within:

  • Pressure vessel and piping calculations acc. to international standards.
  • Commissioning on/offshore.
  • General design and construction.